A widget is an element that sits within a column. There are many widgets to choose from including Headings, Text, Images, Videos, Social Media and more.

To add widgets click the + icon on the main menu (on the left side of your screen).

You can click and drag any widget to the area that you would like it to appear. For example click and drag a heading widget to the top of your column to add a heading.

Some of the key widgets that you will want to be familiar with are:


 A heading allows you to add a stylised header to your site.

💡 Pro Tip: You can change the default heading styles site wide in the "Global Styling" section. See Article: Global Styling


Text boxes are the best way to add wording to your site, They can be formatted individually to suit your design.

💡 Pro Tip: Text within a text box can contain hyperlinks, this is useful to create vertical menus within the footer area.


A button can be styled to suit your brand with colours, shapes, shadows etc. 

You can link a button to Internal Pages or External Links as well as Anchor Points, Files, Popups, Email or a Phone number.

💡 Pro Tip: Creating a "Call Now" button is a great way to make it easy for mobile visitors to reach you via phone.


A container is a "Block" on your website - We recommend adding a container for each section on your page.

💡 Pro Tip: Containers like all widgets can be "Copied" to make it easier to duplicate content from one page to another.


Adding images is as easy as dragging and dropping the image widget to the area you want it to appear. Don't forget you can also set an image as a background on a block or column.


A gallery is a collection of images and can be a great way to showcase your work.


The "Code" widget is really handy for when a widget doesn't exist for what you want to do. This can be used for adding online booking codes provided from your booking software etc. 

Adding code for a beginner can be a bit scary, if you are unsure simply contact our support team via the chat window and we can do it for you.

💡 Pro Tip: Use a website called Lightwidget to add an auto updated Instagram gallery to your website. 

You will need to pay for the 1 time upgrade fee for Lightwidget to work on your site though as all of our sites are secured by SSL (HTTPS).

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