Your website is made up of 4 major sections or 'containers' which are the Header, Content Blocks, which are broken into Columns and finally the Footer.

Each section has it's own settings to help you create a look and feel to match your brand and business goals.

The Header

The header sits at the top of your website and contains widgets such as your Website Heading or Logo, your Menu, Social Media links, and more.

What if I don't want a header? Easy, you can show or hide your header by clicking the HIDE/SHOW button. 🙈

Clicking the Settings icon (the gear wheel) will bring up the options you have for styling your header.

You can also click the little + icons to add more widgets (content elements) to your header such as Social Media links etc.

The Body (Blocks and Columns)

Blocks and Columns help you to create the layout of your website content. Each block can be looked at as a Row or Section of your website which is then broken down into Columns ranging from 1 to 5.

Clicking on the "Block" settings will show you your options for styling the over all section which are the blue and pink sections in these images.

By default each block has 1 Column within it that is transparent (ie. has no background set). You can choose the number of columns by selecting the layout boxes which appear above the block section after you click a column.

You can also resize columns and change their settings individually by clicking the "Column" settings button which appears on the top left of each column when you hover your mouse over a column.

The Footer

Finally we have the Footer Section - The footer is simply another block or multiple blocks which can be shown or hidden just like the header.

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